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What can your life look like as

an IUL Life Insurance Agent on our Team?

Most of the highest paid life insurance agents work from home selling National Life Group IULs!

604+ Agents Issue Paying over $20,000+ a Month

Three Approaches to selling ....

Life insurance agencies offer three approaches to selling; face-to-face, tele-sales, and virtual sales. In 2022, I was a face-to-face agent in my fourth year of selling and I traveled 41,000 miles to make a significant six-figure income. While finacially rewarding, it totally wore me out!

Once I switched to virtual IULs using Zoom and working from home (wherever you might call home), I had my best year ever in 2023. Simply put, we have a better way!

It's not for everyone. In fact, we are looking for those who already have experience in selling life insurance, IULs, or annuities. Also, to create your own leads, you'll need some cash on hand to invest in your Google ad program to generate 200-400 leads per month.

The Best Life Insurance Agencies Offer the following...

  • Unlimited earning potential

  • High Compensation

  • Outstanding Training System

  • Broker versus a Captive Agent

  • Mentorship

  • Benefits to build an Agency

  • The Ability to work Remotely

  • No Geographical Limitations

  • System to Create unlimited lead

  • Paid directly from the carriers

How to be the Best of the Best

Here are some facts...

  • National Life Group is the #1 IUL company for 3 years

  • Indexed Universal Life sales totaled $3.8 Billion in '23

  • Policies written rose 20%

  • 92% stay on the books

  • Only 70% of traditional life policies stay on the books

  • Average commissions were $3,800 vs $1,200 for FEX

  • IULs compete with 401k's as retirement accounts

  • IULs have Living Benefits and a death benefit

  • 401k's do not

Learn more about IULs visit www.iulexpert.com or www.solidfinancialstrategy.com

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